Create Your Own Silly Creature!

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creature creator crazy bird by wennieHi Draw So Cute Fans,

Introducing my Roll and Draw game! I came up with this game for you to have fun while drawing and creating your own unique characters. All you need to do is download the free page (Blank or already drawn), print it out and get a dice and start having tons of drawing fun by yourself or with friends and family! =)

I hope you will enjoy this drawing game very much and make sure to check out my youtube video on this game! =)

Happy creating! xoxo-Wennie

Click here to create your own silly creature now.

Mochi Mochi

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Hi Draw So Cute Fans,
I Love-chi You So Mochi!! haha These mochi balls are my latest sweet and silly drawing created just for you. Hope you will love them as much I had fun drawing them. Please feel free to download them or print them out for your own personal use. If you would like to see how I drew them, the drawing video is now posted on my youtube channel. Sweet wishes for a sweet day! =) xoxo-Wennie
draw so cute mochidraw so cute mochi 2draw so cute mochi 3
draw so cute mochi family


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coloring page valentine ice cream sundae
Hi DrawSoCute Fans,
Valentines is just around the corner. YAY!!!
That means its time for some sweets for my sweet fans!! 😉 Hope you will enjoy this Ice Cream Sundae Float that I have drawn for you to celebrate sweetness and love. You can also put this on my Picture Holder by printing it at a smaller size. If you would like to watch the drawing video for this, it is on my youtube channel now.
Have a sweet day DSC Fans and Happy Coloring!! xoxo-Wennie

Christmas Kitten, Christmas Card

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Happy Holidays Draw So Cute Fans!!!

Oh what a wonderful time of the year it is. I have been having so much fun drawing Christmas characters for you. There are 5 already posted!! =)

This little Kitten and Stocking is my #5 ‘Christmas Special’ Drawing. I thought it would be perfect to turn it into a card for you to color and give to someone special this season! Hope it will bring a smile to the person you love.

Just print it out (try to use thicker paper if you have it), color it, and fold in half.

coloring page of christmas card with kitten in stockings

Enjoy and Happy Coloring!! -Wennie

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