Free Coloring Pages – Pancake with Syrup and Cupcake #1

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Hi Draw So Cute Fans,
Thank you for all your requests for more coloring pages. Here are the Pancake &Syrup and Cupcake Coloring Pages that I hope you will love. Who could resist yummy pancakes with syrup and blueberries right? Especially when they are so cute and fun! =) I’ve also included a sweet cupcake for you to color and maybe make into a Happy Birthday card to someone special or just for yourself because everything is better with cupcakes for sure! 😉 If you love these two drawings and want to draw them yourself, please check out my drawing videos of them on Youtube:

How to Draw Pancake and Syrup

How to Draw Cupcake #1 Step by Step

Happy Coloring and always stay sweet and happy!
Hugs, -Wennie

DIY Mini Envelope Craft

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Follow along to learn how to make these super cute mini Envelopes and the message card that goes inside of it. Learn how to also make a easy paper flower bouquet. This is a perfect mini letter project to make and give to someone you love for Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas or any day just because you want to send a special sweet message. Fill it with hearts and flowers! Choose from the Panda, the poop emoji or blank templates to create your own special gift. Super easy craft using only scissors, glue, markers and paper.

Check out this and other fun crafts at my Activities Section. Have fun!

craft diy mini envelopes for special messages

2nd Anniversary Character Drawing Poster

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Happy New Year Draw So Cute fans! 2016 was incredible and 2017 will be even better! Thank YOU for all your support. I love all your likes, comments, drawings, and of course, your personal letters. You guys are just awesome! Check out all the characters that we have drawn for 2016. This is a much bigger crowd than 2015=). Click on the image to see larger. It is perfect for a screen background. Onward to 2017! Love you all, -Wennie
draw so cute 2nd anniversary character poster

Don’t forget the Characters from 2015. Check them out in our very first post on this site.

DIY Mini Calendar for 2017

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Cute Mini Calendar Craft

My new craft video is up. Create this super cute mini calendar for 2017. Check into the Activities Section to download your free printout for this mini calendar. Have fun!

Check out the video below so you can see how easy it is to make this calendar.

Cute Crafts – Mini Gift Bags

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DIY Mini Gift Bags

Follow along to learn how to make these DIY cute mini gift bags step by step Easy. These paper craft bags or paper boxes are perfect present holders for Christmas. Put chocolates and candy and make Gift Cards from the Heart or Mini Notebooks to put in them for someone special this Holiday Season.

Check into the Activies Section for the free printables.


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