Popular Shapes and Glow-in-the-Dark Paper Fidget Spinner!

Want a cooler looking paper fidget spinner? I have included another template with some of the most popular and creative shapes for the spinner. One shape is similar to a three leaf clover, while another is like a ninja star, and lastly, the awesome Batman symbol. I have tested these new shapes in my videos and they all spin great! One very cool thing you will want to add on your spinner is some glow-in-the-dark stickers. I stuck some stickers on the spinner arms and it looks so cool and futuristic while spinning. You HAVE to try that. It is really neat. Other ideas as you will see in the video is sticking on little plastic jewels on the spinner arms. The jewels will make your spinner sparkle. So many things you can do with these spinners!!

Click on the left image below to download the additional shapes for the fidget spinner. For the video on these 3 top shapes, watch my top 3 paper fidget spinner toy video. Have Fun Spinning! -Wennie

glow in the dark fidget spinners, batman shapes

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