Help me serve my Draw So Cute cupcakes to my customers. I need your help!


Use the Left and Right arrows to turn my aim direction. Use the Space Bar to throw my cupcake toppings towards the cupcake wrappers.

The Goal:

Get as high of a Customer Satisfaction rating as possible. At the start of game, that number will count down from 100. Every time you hit a cupcake with your topping, you will gain 10. You will lose an additional 1 point if your topping splats on the sides.

Ready? Go for it! – Wennie



About this Game:

This game was created using the free programming language Scratch. If you like making games with minimal programming, check them out because they make it easy to create your own games. Please give me your comments and message regarding this game on my Scratch page. See you there, -Wennie

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