Free Coloring Pages – Pancake with Syrup and Cupcake #1

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Hi Draw So Cute Fans,
Thank you for all your requests for more coloring pages. Here are the Pancake &Syrup and Cupcake Coloring Pages that I hope you will love. Who could resist yummy pancakes with syrup and blueberries right? Especially when they are so cute and fun! =) I’ve also included a sweet cupcake for you to color and maybe make into a Happy Birthday card to someone special or just for yourself because everything is better with cupcakes for sure! 😉 If you love these two drawings and want to draw them yourself, please check out my drawing videos of them on Youtube:

How to Draw Pancake and Syrup

How to Draw Cupcake #1 Step by Step

Happy Coloring and always stay sweet and happy!
Hugs, -Wennie