Draw So Cute Mail Box

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Hi Draw So Cute Fans,

YAY! I finally went and opened up a P.O. Box so that you can now have another way to send me your fan art!! I am so excited about this because I can’t wait to get mail from you, especially when I know I will be getting such CUTE, Sweet Pictures!! =) If I end up getting a lot of mail consistently, I might just do a giveaway too!! 😉 We shall see, so many possibilities. =)

* Please note that I won’t be able to send your fan art back to you, so only send me what you don’t mind me keeping. Please do not put your last name on the drawings for privacy purposes since they might be shown in a fan art video.

Thank you and hope to get mail soon!! 😉 xoxo-Wennie

Please send to:

Draw So Cute
12672 Limonite Ste. 3E-120
Eastvale, CA 92880